Yoga Immersion

Six-Week Transformation Module

Are you a motivated to mastering your own physical and mental wellbeing? Create conditions to flourish physically and mentally?

Let us go from knowing to tasting the truth, with skills to better aware of your emotions and cultivate healthy and constructive responses.

The busier we are, the more urgent we need to make transformational changes to live consciously.  We will learn conscious leadership skills to better optimize our time and energy, and to better harmonize our personal and work life.  We all deserve to live a flourishing life with happiness, health, meaning and love!

The Yoga Immersion Program enables you to go deeper and get more benefits from your own practices. To go beyond the yoga mat, you need both knowledge and experience to integrate the benefits into your daily life.  The dream outcomes are:

  • Happy – deeper awareness of the source of your inner happiness
  • Healthy – stronger and more flexible body and mind
  • Meaning – deeper sense of your meaning in life for self and others
  • Humanity – better appreciation of love and compassion for self and others

Would you like personalized classes for your unique needs and aspirations?

Without taking time off work, and schedule the classes around your life and work commitments?

This one-on-one Yoga Immersion program distils the essence of an one-size-fits-all 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training group classes into 72 hours of private classes in four modules (4 x 18-hour module). It is designed for motivated beginners with a busy schedule, and you don’t need to prepare for the exams required for a typical Yoga Teacher Training course!

Each module is 6 weeks of two 90-min classes per week (18 hours of classes per module). You will learn the skills and experience the benefits from the beginning:

  • Strength & Flexibility Fast Track (Module 1)
  • Mental Clarity Transformation (Module 2)
  • Assimilation Incubator (Module 3)
  • Integration Reset (Module 4)

Customized tools to support you to reach your objectives and maintain your outcomes over time. With this one-on-one wellbeing program, Prema will work with you to design your personalized roadmap (SMART goals, learning agenda, and action plan) to help you to stay on track from the beginning.

  • identify your personalized intentions, from touching your toes with straight knees to enhancing mental clarity
  • achieve a sustainable and realistic outcome, from improve your sport performance to enhance relationships with self and loved ones
  • optimize self-practice with personalized checklists and reminders, from Ayurvedic healthy diet and lifestyle hacks to yogic breathing techniques

Students will also receive 7 additional personalized and private bonuses.

Bonus 1: Personalized SMART goals. SMART goal stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Bonus 2: Personalized learning agenda. A personalized path of learning that identify, prioritize, and set appropriate strategies.

Bonsu 3: Personalized action plan. A set of tactics intended to achieve the relevant SMART goal.

Bonus 4: Personalized Checklists & Reminders. Digital workbooks for personalized practices.

Bonus 5: Private video recordings. Student could receive their own class recordings for on-going self-practices.

Bonus 6 & 7: Two Private Workshops. More information is provided below.

(For students who are ready for intensive residential yoga programs in India, I highly recommended the Yoga Teacher Training Courses at the Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham and various Vedanta courses at the Adi Shankara Brahma Vidya Peeth in India).

Strength & Flexibility Fast Track (Module 1) – you will learn the foundational Hatha Yoga knowledge and skills for physical and mental health. You will learn to develop a stronger and more flexible body as well as the skills for concentration and relaxation. You will learn basic techniques for physical postures, breathing techniques, mindful diet, self-healing visualisation, calming attitudes, silence walks, and self-awareness. (6 weeks, 12 x 90-min classes)

Mental Clarity Transformation (Module 2) – you will learn basic Vedanta theory and self-inquiry skills for everyday life situations. Building on the practices from Module 1, you will deepen your awareness of your own body and mind in daily living (beyond the yoga mat) especially on self judgements, thought tendencies and behaviour patterns. A systematic approach of unpacking your thought patterns and behaviours. (6 weeks, 12 x 90-min classes)

Assimilation Transformation (Module 3) – you will learn to incorporate the knowledge and skills into your daily lives.  Building on the practices from Module 1 and 2, the focus of Module 3 is learning the Yoga approach on contemplation, such as the introspection of the impact of your physical experiences and mental understanding, through self-inquires and self-experiments. (6 weeks, 12 x 90-min classes)

Integration Reset (Module 4) – you will develop skills to confidently carry out regular self-practices. The focus of Module 4 is to develop your unique approach to optimally integrate the intellectual knowledge with the personal experience for your body and mind. (6 weeks, 12 x 90-min classes)

In addition to the five bonus as mentioned above (SMART goals, learning agenda, action plan, checklists & reminders, video recordings), the 6th and 7th bonuses are two private workshops, which provide in-depth knowledge for Yoga Sutras, Vedanta, body and mind integrations, natural strategies that restore hormone balance, and functions of our minds.  The eight workshops in grouped in three categories: Body & Mind, Hormone Balance, and Inner Happiness (90-min each)

  1. Inner Balance & Stress (Body & Mind)
  2. Diet & Lifestyle (Body & Mind)
  3. Menstruation & Fertility (Hormone Balance)
  4. Perimenopause & Menopause (Hormone Balance)
  5. Prostate Health & Andropause (Hormone Balance)
  6. Pelvic Health, Bone Health & Mental Clarity (Body & Mind, Hormone Balance)
  7. Self-Awareness (Inner Happiness)
  8. Thought Patterns (Inner Happiness)

Class Structure

  • Four 6-week modules
  • Two 90-min classes per week for 6 weeks per module
  • On-line or in-person, depends on travel needs
  • Flexible start date and weekly class schedule
  • Personalized SMART goals (bonus)
  • Personalized learning agenda (bonus)
  • Personalized action plan (bonus)
  • Personalized checklists & reminders for self-practice (bonus)
  • Video recordings, upon request (bonus)
  • Two Personalized workshops (bonus)

Due to the nature of the program, only 3 space is available at any time. Please contact Prema directly to discuss if this is the right program for you and start your transformation at the next available opening.

Each module: USD 1,880 (18 hours over 6 weeks, 12 classes and 1080 minutes of training in total), including 6 bonus (SMART goals, learning agenda, action plan, digital workbooks, class recordings and 2 workshops).

The Yoga Immersion Program is designed for motivated beginners looking for transformational results. For deep cleanses and removal of trauma in the body-mind system, you might enjoy the one-on-one Daily Yoga and Self Healing classes.  Feel free to contact Prema to discuss which types of classes would be most suitable for you.

Please note that additional travel surcharges and studio fees may apply, if required.

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