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One-on-One Wellbeing Program

Experience More Meanings and Humanity with Love and CompassionExpand everyday wellbeing, such as abundance, physical, and mental healthExplore the possibilities of moving beyond stress and chronic discomfortExplore the possibilities of a flourishing life with happiness, health, meaning and loveExplore the possibilities of inner-happiness

Are you ready to live your authentic life?

Are you ready to master your everyday wellbeing?

Are you ready to invest in your health and personal growth?  Sometimes, we are trapped by fear, mental fatigue and self-sabotaging behaviours.  Prema Living offers Yoga knowledge-based self-development classes that will help you to systematically remove those traps and obstacles in the physiology and psychology levels, for both preventive and curative purposes.

For everyday wellbeing, such as abundance of physical and mental health, the Daily Yoga and Self Healing classes are ideal for deep cleansing and removal of trauma in the body-mind system.  Explore the possibilities of moving beyond stress and chronic discomfort.

The Yoga Immersion is a 6-week transformation module program, ideal for motivated beginners wanting accelerated growth in their approach to work and life.  Explore the possibilities of a flourishing life with happiness, health, meaning and love.  Learn to Look within, and live a happier and healthier life. Experience more meanings and humanity with love and compassion.

Would you like to work with a proven effective and successful system? Ranging from 30s to 60s, my students have learned the skills to enhance everyday wellbeing and reached specific goals, such as good digestion, healthy weight, hormone balance, ageing gracefully, strength & mobility, boosted energy, mental clarity, spiritual awareness and inner happiness. Student testimonials are provided on the relevant pages (Daily Yoga, Self-Healing, Yoga Immersion, Books & Notes).

Life becomes a play-ground, as we explore, practice and master the different techniques and approaches for our unique journey. The teaching is based on traditional Yoga and Vedanta with an emphasis on day-to-day applications of Hatha Yoga, Hormone Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Reiki, Sanskrit Chanting, Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita; in the lineage of Swami Sivananda.

Daily Yoga

Self Healing Session

Yoga Immersion