Self-healing is an intense therapeutic personal experience that enables you to better yourself and restore balance. Self-healing techniques are complementary for conventional therapies.

Let us take control of …

  • Persistent pain and tension
  • Fatigue or restless sleep
  • Recovery from illness or trauma

During the Self-healing sessions, Prema will guide you through a combination of specific yogic breathing and visualisation techniques that will enable you to capture, store and direct your vital energy, activate your body’s inherent ability to restore heath, and to go deeper within to reconnect with your higher Self.

Each self-healing session is a one-on-one private class that is tailored to your needs in your unique condition. The student will learn and experience the traditional techniques and therapeutic benefits of Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Reiki.

Yogic Breathing Yoga Nidra Reiki
Persistent pain and tension Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Recovery from illness or trauma Yes Yes Yes

Pranayama (Capture, Store & Direct Vital Energy)

You will learn the basic techniques of Pranayama to maximize the free flow of vital energy, both within and around the body and mind system. We will start with the foundation of full yogic breathing – a deep and gentle breath that includes four parts – inhale, hold a full breath, exhale, and hold an empty breath. The practice of Pranayama enhances self-healing in the following areas:

  • Improved lung capacity
  • Increased energy
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Enhance cognitive thinking
  • Rebalance the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Improved postures (release neck and upper back tensions, and hunched shoulders)

Let us start by trying the simple and safe Cotton Ball Breathing, provided at the end of this page, which is a simple self-healing technique that anyone can practise at any time. It was instructed by Swami Haribrahmendranadna Tritha, who is an author, teacher, and scholar of Yoga and Vedanta, as well as an experienced practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama.

Yoga Nidra (Tantra Meditation Technique)

Yoga Nidra is a powerful ancient Tantra technique that gently guides the student to a state of deep relaxation with full awareness, a stage of consciousness between waking and deep sleep. It is an optimal state for the body and mind to rebalance and renew itself.

First mentioned in the Veda thousands of years ago, the application was forgotten; in the 1960s, Swami Satyananda re-discovered them and taught them in practicable forms for modern day students (Bihar School of Yoga). The general benefits are:

  • Release persistent tensions in the body and mind
  • Enhance cognitive performance, memory, mindfulness
  • Improve sleep quality and regulate sleep pattern
  • Improve concentration, thought patterns awareness and self confidence
  • Diminish symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Reduce chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Improve immune system function and reduce inflammation

Reiki (Energy Healing)

Reiki healing takes place as a collaborative partnership between the teacher (healer) and the student (receiver). The receiver takes an active role throughout the session with intentions and awareness, while the healer guides the receiver to open for free-flowing energy.

Reiki is commonly known as “universal healing energy” or “spiritually guided life energy”. It was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900s in Japan, based on his extensive travel and studies of different healing systems, most notably Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism in China and Japan. Reiki Master Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought the teaching of Reiki to the west after WWII.

Connecting us to our higher self, the Reiki Invocations for both the teacher and the student are:

  • I will not be anger today
  • I will not worry today
  • I will do my work honestly today
  • I will be grateful for all today
  • I will be kind to all living beings today

Simple and Safe DIY Self-Healing Technique

Cotton Ball Breathing is my favour breathing practice. Simple and Powerful! It is a safe self-healing technique that anyone can practise at any time.

After a few minutes of this simple, deep and relaxing breathing exercise, you will notice an increase of energy, a lightness of the body and a calmer mind.

  • Sit comfortably upright on a stable chair, with both feet flat on the ground
  • With both palms facing up, relax fingers and rest hands comfortably on thighs
  • Close eyes and mouth, then breathe through both nostrils
  • Slowly extend the lengths of inhalations and exhalations at a comfortable pace
  • Try to visualise a small fluffy cotton ball hanging in front of your nostrils, and then hold a mental image that the cotton ball is hanging steadily with each slow and steady inhale and exhale
  • Whenever the exhalations become quick and short, simply go back to normal breathing

Class Structure

Introduction private classes are 45-min each:

  • Single 45-min Session (USD 98)
  • 5×45-min class package + 1 bonus class (USD 490, saving of USD 98)

Regular private classes are 90-min each:

  • Single 90-min Session (USD 188)
  • 5×90-min class package + 1 bonus class (USD 940, saving of USD 188)
  • 10×90-min class package + 3 bonus class (USD 1,880, saving of USD 564 )
  • Video recordings are available upon request
  • All prepaid packages are valid for 12 months and transferable
  • Please note that additional travel surcharges and studio fees may apply, if required

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Bespoke semi-private classes are also available upon request.

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