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Introduction to Hatha Yoga in English

Introduction to Hormone Yoga in English

Introduction to Hatha Yoga in Chinese

Introduction to Hormone Yoga in Chinese

Over Forty Wellness Podcast

Vincent Hiscox, wellness coach and podcaster, reveals the strategies for you to take control of your Health and Wellness into your 40s and beyond. At each episode, Vincent discusses a variety of topics with experts in the Health and Wellness Community, and you could learn at least one practical advice with tried and tested techniques so you could look and feel better. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be complicated.

A quick soundbite is available below. For the full interview (01:00:35) check out the Episode 79 with Prema.

  • 03:43 Came to HK twice to live
  • 05:43 Most people that need help go to Ashram
  • 13:22 A 4 start hotel with discipline of an Ashram
  • 15:33 Yoga Sutras for Busy Minds
  • 28:13 Mango example
  • 44:24 You have to be flexible
  • 44:53 Super Brain Yoga
  • 55:25 We will live in a happier world if everyone know that they are good enough as it is

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The Healthy Way Vibes

The Healthy Way Vibes is an online discussion platform of four friends who have come together to share their passion for health and living life with abundance. Discussions include everything from boosting your immune system to gardening tips, cooking, and everything in between.
Here is an interview of the Heathy Way Vibes team with Prema on her journey from engineering to yoga.

WHERE lifestyle

WHERE is an online community that celebrates the journey of the contemporary woman, with a focus on well-being, health, empowerment, realness, and exploration. Every woman has been on an incredible journey to WHERE she is now and who she has become.

A blog post: Prema Living: A Prescription for a Healthy and Balanced Life.