For more energy, better sleep, mental clarity, stress relief and ageing gracefully.

As beginners, we practise meditation to relieve stress in the mind, free the mind from pre-conditioned bias, cluttered and unhelpful thoughts; so that we can see the Inner Self and experience Inner Happiness.

According to the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, the ultimate goal of a Yoga practice is to have complete freedom from the body and mind; in other words, to utilise the body and mind intelligently.

Physical health and mental health are one complex inter-dependent unit. A healthy mind is the foundation for a healthy body. Meditation also helps to prolong the anabolic process of growth and repair, and to reduce the ageing process. Meditation brings a prolonged positive stage of mind, which activates the cells for growth and rejuvenation.

A regular silent practice is a simple and proven technique towards a peaceful mind. Mouna (silencing the mind) is a traditional yoga practice for developing a deeper awareness of our reactions to external sensory stimuli. Beginners may start with no speaking, digital detox, mindful eating, and silence walks. By intentionally not speaking unnecessarily, we start to be more cognisant of our words when speaking is required. Our words will be more truthful and spoken with a more pleasant attitude. We will not carelessly cause disturbance – for others and ourselves.

Class Structure

Introduction private classes are 45-min each:

  • Single 45-min Session (USD 98)
  • 5×45-min class package + 1 bonus class (USD 490, saving of USD 98)

Regular private classes are 90-min each:

  • Single 90-min Session (USD 188)
  • 5×90-min class package + 1 bonus class (USD 940, saving of USD 188)
  • 10×90-min class package + 3 bonus class (USD 1,880, saving of USD 564 )
  • Video recordings are available upon request
  • All prepaid packages are valid for 12 months and transferable
  • Please note that additional travel surcharges and studio fees may apply, if required

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Bespoke semi-private classes are also available upon request.

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