Hormone Yoga

Better Digestion & Excretion, Enhanced Sexual Health, & Ageing Gracefully

Hormone Yoga is a holistic wellness approach that works on the entire body, with a focus on re-activating and re-balancing specific hormones, based on the interactions and feedback between the Hypothalamus, the Pituitary gland and other glands.

Hormone is a natural chemical substance that our body produces to regulate most bodily functions. It is highly influenced by the food, stress recovery, and our sleep quality. For a healthy individual, our hormones start to be out of balance after the age of 40 for men and 35 for women; and the most common symptoms are menopause and andropause.

Hormone Yoga utilize specific yoga asanas and breathing techniques that are designed to improve metabolism, harmonize the nervous systems, and improve spinal cord flexibility. It tones various hard-to-get-to muscles and organs, especially the brain, reproductive organs and pelvic floor muscles. It improves energy flow and activates various glands, increases the chances of fertility in younger men and women, as well as lessens the chances of osteoporosis, cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes for mature adults.

Hormone Yoga activates the energy and muscles in and around our reproductive organs and pelvic floor muscles. As we get older, the health of our pelvic floor muscle and sexual functions are often overlooked. People tend to be shy in discussing health concerns such as prostate swelling, vaginal prolapse, low sex drive and incontinence.  For more information, check out the notes from previous workshops.

A big-thank-you to my teacher Shakti Simone Lehner, based in Germany and teaches Hormone Yoga world wide; check out her website for more information.

YouTube video Hormone Yoga English

YouTube video Hormone Yoga Chinese

Class Structure

Introduction private classes are 45-min each:

  • Single 45-min Session (USD 98)
  • 5×45-min class package + 1 bonus class (USD 490, saving of USD 98)

Regular private classes are 90-min each:

  • Single 90-min Session (USD 188)
  • 5×90-min class package + 1 bonus class (USD 940, saving of USD 188)
  • 10×90-min class package + 3 bonus class (USD 1,880, saving of USD 564 )
  • Video recordings are available upon request
  • All prepaid packages are valid for 12 months and transferable
  • Please note that additional travel surcharges and studio fees may apply, if required

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Bespoke semi-private classes are also available upon request.

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